Coach In A Coach Tour 2015

I am currently leaving on a 11 – 12 month RV tour traveling the country sharing empowerment & forgiveness teachings based on the principles of A Course In Miracles & Universal Law. You may contact me direct to speak in your town.

The following list includes the major stops along the circular route from southeast to southwest & then north to WA. In July I will be heading east through CO to the northeast. Then south back to Florida by the end of December.  There are 12 scheduled stops along the route and the in between time is filled connecting to nature and also revisiting with old and making new friends.

March – Orlando, FL  Pensacola, FL  Mobile, AL  New Orleans, LA  Austin, TX

April –    Dallas, TX  Carlsbad, NM  Phoenix, AZ

May –     San Diego, CA  Los Angeles, CA

June –    San Francisco, CA  Portland, OR  Olympia, WA

July –      Garden City, UT  Denver, CO  Oklahoma City, OK

August –  Rochester, NY  New York, NY  Burlington, VT  Hartford, CT

September – Long Island, NY  Washington, DC

October – December I  will finish the year by heading south staying a tick ahead of the frost.

If you wish to know more about me or contact me, peruse this website for details. I admit, I am not rigorous at connecting to and updating this website. I like the real connection of face to face or Skype meetings with my clients and fellow man. This is the reason for my tour. To get out and bring empowerment to the people where it can be experienced. To get an idea of who I am and what I teach as well as my coaching style, watch the short interview I did  by clicking below and part 2 on the video page. All the best.

Interview With

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