END OF THE ROAD!! I’m back.

18750 Miles
41 States
320 Days in the RV
$9,687 in gas averaging 6.76 mpg
$567 Tolls & Bridges
22 Workshops/seminars and speaking engagements
700 + hrs of coaching on phone and in person

I’m back in Lake Worth. Sitting here looking out my window its a feeling like when you wake up and are not sure if what you just remembered happening was a dream or actually happened. It is strange.

Being a practitioner of pure non-dualism, this dream is even more amplified as an experience. The last 320 days are now all memories that start to fade immediately. They will never be as fresh as they are today so I would like to summarize my experience for you here so I may reduce the amount of repeating questions that I know are coming from every curious person I know.

The trip was amazing. I experienced extreme highs and lows that challenged me to quit and come home. This was a 320 day stretch or training if you will. I am a different person and know it. I see very clearly the value of traveling alone and what this environment can show someone. BUT, I will do it again only if I am to share the experience. The high points are nearly all memories attached to certain people and what we shared. Climbing in Arizona. Swimming in the north west. Camping in the Adirondacks. Playing guitar by the fire in Oklahoma. All events with beautiful people.

Solitude is a necessary component of my life but I am ready to blend this with sharing my time and growing with a partner. I learned in my solitude the experience all master teachers suggest you attempt. Get to know and love yourself. I must say I really do. I dont like all my traits but I love the character of who I am. Im not perfect in my human but I am committed to waking up and loving more every day.

The committed practice of forgiveness and surrender taught me more than any book or training or seminar I have ever attended. Being loving fixes or heals everything but this does not mean you will always get what you want. Gratitude is the royal path to happiness and forgiveness is the royal path to peace. This is only known through experience and not some line you quote from Dyer or Chopra or some great tshirt you wear. Its a mindset that must be tended and fertilized and the level of integration to your soul can never be fully realized in the perceptual realm but this does not mean you dont try. It has value.

If you get a chance to do a solo extended travel trip, do it immediately. My advice would be to NOT be lured or plan a trip based on the sights and sounds of the road or world but rather seek to go unplanned. This will set you up with the priority to sight see within with the continual contrast of new people and scenery as a classroom to keep you out of your comfort zone and familiar patterns. Yes, there are millions of things to see and do and you could go from one sight and experience of the world to the next but the pearl of traveling alone is to get to know and heal yourself working with the master teacher within you. The sights of the world are cool and everyone wants to know the “best place” or “coolest experience” or ‘most memorable” part OUT THERE but its not out there. Its connecting to the love within and projecting it out wherever you are in THAT moment. Practice THAT for 300 days and see if you dont come back a new person.

Im sure I will tell the stories for months to come and I will get to see all the people I dearly miss since leaving. Please be patient with me as I integrate back to south florida life. Im used to being alone and its a bit of a shock to amp up the energy of resocializing.

ill be staying in my RV for the next month or so in my back yard so if you want to come for a visit or sleepover, let me know. Glad to be back.

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