Joseph M. Tedesco T.L.C.

Keynote Speaker, Empowerment Coach & Philosopher
Boynton Beach, FL

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Ready or not, the world welcomed Joe Tedesco into the world one early morning in 1969. In perfect Joe fashion, he was early, and eager to make an impression. He was born in the care of highly supportive parents. Mom being a bubbly sanguine and his Dad a self made successful entrepreneur, the combination would be the perfect learning environment to amplify and nurture Joe’s natural gifts of entertaining and teaching. He spent his early years on any stage that would have him all the while succeeding just enough in academics to get through to his boyhood dream of joining the U.S. Air Force. The military provided an environment for Joe to apply his natural leadership qualities all the while expressing a deep desire to help his fellow man. Joe quickly climbed the ranks and began giving back by seeing and fulfilling a desperate need to educate the young men and women entering the military with no adult financial planning experience.

At 19, he wrote a 2 hour Financial Tips seminar to all new recruits geared at helping them navigate the responsibilities of bills, loans, car buying, budgeting and investing. His seminars became a requirement for all to attend who were new to the military at his base. Trained in Law Enforcement/K-9, Joe realized these skills would not get him to his dreams of early retirement but still felt a passion to help others. Joe is a decorated Honorably discharged Gulf War Veteran. After his military duty, Joe settled in West Palm Beach FL.  He immediately began a real estate investing venture buying multi-family housing and fixer uppers all the while working at night and attending a technical school during the day. He taught tennis on the weekends and even had a performing role at a dueling piano bar in Delray Beach for 4 years. With an AAS degree in hand, he settled in with a company that allowed him to write and teach refrigeration retrofit procedures to technicians throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America. As if that wasn’t enough, Joe started a tree service company after a tropical storm hit the area that quickly began to branch into property management, stump grinding, handyman services, and renovations. Each addition was a support for the main business of real estate investing.

By the time he was 34, Joe was responsible for 4 different companies and several rental properties. Overworked and burned out, he decided to sell it all, semi retire and really go “inside” for a while. This committed personal journey of growth and reflection allowed the seed of his true passion for teaching and speaking to blossom. Financially successful and now spiritually inspired, Joe began to share his practical style of Mindset Management to a varied group of people. He has worked with salesmen, business owners, fitness competitors, college level golfers and world class softball pitchers to business execs at John Hancock. He counsels anyone who wants a firm but loving approach to finding and expressing their own greatness. His talks are energetic, entertaining, engaging and will empower the listener to think differently and hopefully smile. His passion for teaching and entertaining is palpable and infectious.

At 52, Joe has traveled to over 28 countries, 46 states and spoken in front of and personally trained thousands of people from varied topics such as financial management, refrigeration retrofitting, Law Of Attraction, Transformation, A Course In Miracles, Mindset Management, metaphysics, and esoteric principles. He has coached hundreds of people directly and has thousands of hours of experience working with people and their goals. He is a top level amateur golfer maintaining a 0-1 handicap and was a USTA certified tennis instructor for over 5 years teaching at clubs and parks from NY to FL. He has caddied at major golf tournaments such as the US Amateur and coached several top level players. He has written and performed experiential workshops, lectures, and also co-facilitated trainings and guest events for Gratitude Trainings, LLC while being a Master of Operations and Master of Level 1 training.  He has been directly involved in the coaching and operations of over a dozen trainings with 100s of students. In 2015 Joe completed a 320 day speaking and coaching tour called Coach In A Coach traveling across the country sharing his wisdom in a 35 foot RV. He continues to host a A Course In Miracles study group meeting every Tuesday and has over 25 years of personal study and 20 years of group facilitation experience. He is a demonstration of commitment, rigor, passion and integrity to his own personal life and the giving of his time and skills to others with 1000’s of documented hours of community service. Joe spends his semi-retirement continuing to give to the world the gift of empowerment.


Joseph Tedesco
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