“The mind is the matrix of all matter.” – Max Planke

What Is A Transformation Coach?

A Transformation Coach is a person who invites you into a new conversation out of which a new possibility and results are generated. Conversations are mindsets that become the filter for which you see and experience your life. First, the discovery of your current one is examined to see what works and what does not work and then we begin the process of rebuilding or tweaking it to an effective tool rather than one that holds you back from your dreams desires, or goals. Then, through a process of accountability and integration, the new mindset is applied with guidance and the new results are evaluated. The coach holds a neutral mirror to show you your blind spots and enroll you into a new way of being so that you are inspired to take action on it. An effective coach is fully invested in your success.

A qualified coach is one who is able to demonstrate proficiency in all areas they coach. They lead by example and I highly encourage you to qualify your coach. Ask him/her questions about their own life. This “interview” will likely illuminate if you have the right one.  Trust your intuition on this. This is a powerful and meaningful relationship that can have a lifetime impact on you. Please check out my BIO tab on the main page to read about me. I respect and honor your inquiry into my life as I do believe in demonstrating what you teach.


Everyone has been taught what they know on how to best experience their life. Successful people know when they get stuck, they surround themselves with people that can educate or inspire them through their temporary blocks. Highly successful people keep these people around them.

I  am a life/business/performance coach and inspirational “edutainer”. My style is tough love wrapped in a smile. I push, pull or love you to your personal best using practical techniques customized to your needs and personality.  I work with managers, golfers, tennis players, coaches, house wives, business owners, leaders, students and anyone with a dream.  Your success is my passion!!

Types Of Coaching I Offer

Personal Performance Coaching – This type of coaching is for the person who desires to take their life to the next level. Whether is improved business results, deepening/healing relationships, increasing confidence, getting through a plateau, taking ownership and control of your life, starting a project or just cleaning up under the hood, I have tools and processes to support you. What to expect from coaching is a better understanding of your skills and talents and the mindsets that have you at your current level of results and an introduction or reminder of  mindsets and actions you can implement to see different results.  This is the most common type of coaching requested.

Sports Performance – This coaching is for the competitor wishing to take yourself to the next level in your chosen sport. I specialize in Tennis and Golf and currently work with several high level amateur to professional players. I also have worked with softball pitchers, catchers, gymnasts, dancers and fitness competitors from weekend hackers to high level club players & pros.  I teach you the “Mind” of the game that has you break through the elusive next level.

Business Coaching – This coaching is for the person or company dedicated to the application of Universal Laws and a Win/Win attitude.  These are the metaphysical Laws Of Attraction, Resonance, Vibration, Frequency and Harmony. Complimentary Laws & Mindsets are introduced and explained such as the Golden Law, Forgiveness, Context, and Perception. I believe success is generated through Vision and not just having goals or profit being the primary measuring stick. Instead, goals and money are understood as tools for the Vision to be met. This is NOT the “how to run your business” coaching (consulting) but the application of the subtle yet powerful Laws that govern the world that are intangible yet show up in very specific and measurable ways. You WILL have results that are specific, measurable, and profitable but this coaching is about the fulfillment of a higher order of satisfaction both for you, your company, employees and customers. This is the mindset that is slowly returning to business after decades of concealment covered by the desires for profit, power, and survival. I am honored to be a part of this remembering.


Rates are variable depending on your commitments and type of coaching requested.  I offer 1/2 hour to 4 hour sessions depending on your goals and style of coaching. I also write customized lectures and seminars to companies and groups to fit their vision, mission and needs. I conduct phone, video, and in person coaching at your home, office or mine. I travel to all parts of the country and I am booked several weeks and sometimes months in advance. I also provide FREE coaching to select individuals and groups that are committed to the expansion and benefit of their communities or world and also have a sliding scale for financially challenged yet committed individuals. Please call me to discuss your needs. As a general guideline, I am on average $135-$295/hr for private in person coaching and $1500-$7500/ day plus expenses for customized workshops, discussions and lectures. Graduates of any Transformation based program like EST, Landmark, Summit Education, Gratitude Trainings, or Lifespring may receive discounts as well as teachers and veterans.


1 Comments on “Coaching”

  1. Working with Joe has been one of the biggest blessings on my path. Joe took my hand and firmly has held on through every dark corner and patiently supported and shone light in every storm. Never once placing judgment or wavering in his strength and firm unconditional love. He has been a direct and loving interruption (even when my ego doesn’t like it). He has been infinitely patient in his support to train the mind to 100% responsibility for every result, perception, story, and interpretation, and has gently guided to see the world in a perspective based in love, gratitude, joy, and empowerment. With his support, I have been guided to higher levels of clarity, discipline, focus, openness, vulnerability. He is a true example of unconditional love and forgiveness. I am so grateful for Joe standing next to me, and countless others, in the fire and on the journey home to oneness. He has shortened the path and I am eternally grateful!

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