The following people I have personally used and endorse. Their services and ways of being on how they conduct themselves reflect abundance and honor. Though not a guarantee I feel they will not disappoint.


Body Work




Sage and Willow have mastered the art of body and healing work. They are a fantastic duo and I have had the services of both.  Compassionate, knowledgeable, and tremendously loving, they give of themselves completely in each session. They listen and work with you based on individual needs.Try the Buff & Thai massage and leave vibrating on another level. Sooooo much fun.



Organic. Cold Press. Pure Love.
6 NE 5th Avenue
Delray Beach
(561) 278-6122

Visit my dear friends at Juice Buzz for Organic and cold pressed bliss in a cup. Try the cacao and mint smoothie with a splash of protein. Yummy!! Corner of Atlantic Ave and 5th Ave.

Breath Work-Praan-Holotropic

Lori Reyes LCSW


There is no one I can say does a better job at holding a context of healing and safety then Lori Reyes. Her loving way of being  suppports one to go very deep in this simple but ancient healing technique. Being in her office is like stepping into an ancient cave where you feel safe and warm away from the hustle and challenges of life. The work she does will absolutely move things around in your inner and outer world. This is conscious breathing at its best. I do breath work too but when I need support, I go to the master. Lori is that master.



Sound Healing

 The Singing Bowl Guru – Randall Rodriguez


For an alternative experience into the art of sound and light healing, contact this man. He has taken a hobby and deep interest in the subtle and effective art of sound healing and use of sacred Himalayan singing bowls to move and stimulate healing functions naturally in the body. His big and loving presence sets the context for your surrender to the gentle teacher of sound and healing energy of light. Highly experiential.

Sacred Sound, Light & Vibrational Healing Sessions
with Himalayan Singing Bowls, HealthLight™ Laser & Acutonics® Tuning Forks
create Deep Relaxation, Increased Energy Flow, Profound Self Healing.
schedule your experience: 5 6 1 – 2 5 3 – 5 0 4 0
8745 Wellington View Drive• West Palm Beach, FL• 33411 • USA

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