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E.A.R. B.U.D.S.’ first release, Guided Meditations, is a collection of four tracks intended to guide you on a majestic and empowering journey into the core of your being. Utilizing the power of Solfeggio Frequency, Sacred Geometry, and Organic soundscapes, E.A.R.B.U.D.S. has been intentionally designed for you to tap into the power of your imagination, expression, and divinity.

To preview the tracks, click on the titles below:

  1. Create Your Day
    Utilizing the power of 528hz, also known as the Solfeggio “Miracle Frequency,”
    Intention: To tune your body & mind to be frequency specific to attract the day of your dreams, allowing the law of attraction to work for you. You will journey through a majestic and organic soundscape and will be lead into an experience of being the creator of your day.
  2. Dance Your Dreams
    Utilizing the power of Metatron’s Cube: Strength, Courage.
    Intention: Empowerment. Dance Your Dreams is designed for you to tap into the powerful combination of imagination, expression, and visualization. Dance with your dreams.
  3. I Celebrate Myself
    Utilizing the power of Compassion, Forgiveness, & Authenticity.
    Intention: Recognition of Your authentic self. I Celebrate Myself takes you on a journey into your authentic self, and invites you to celebrate the gift that you are. It is a connection to the Truth beyond all perceptions and reminds you of the Source of all that is good. YOU!
  4. Ocean of Oneness
    Utilizing the power of the Ocean, Chakras, Tibetian Singing Bowls.
    Intention: To guide you through your seven Chakras, or energy centers, into a state of deep meditation coupled with healing energy from the ocean. Recorded in Sri Lanka, the sounds used will carry you off to a magical and loving space allowing all your creativity and healing to be revealed.

Disclaimer: Do not drive or operate machinery or power tools while listening to this album. We thank you for listening responsibly.

Blue, Pink, Green
Sizes:  Small, Medium, Large
To purchase please send an email with size and color to 

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